In today’s dynamic and uncertain world, the organisations that embrace and respond to change fastest will win.

In order to thrive in the 2020’s, your leadership team will need to look to the future with a genuine sense of optimism. That’s essential to a connected, creative and innovative organisation.

Most organisations face unprecedented challenges and pressures and therefore leaders’ natural (and current) tendency is to focus on shoring-up and protecting what they currently have. To look inwardly.

As Sam Knowles*, talks about in this video interview, most organisations, especially those that are people-centred have been doing this quite well, albeit with varying degrees of fatigue.

The harder challenge is to lift up and look outside to what is changingin terms of future value. Now is the time to step back and focus on how we navigate the uncertainty that will be with us for a number of years.  An adaptive mindset is key.

Rejuvenate provides the opportunity to kick-start that shift by engaging the lead-team around what is happening in the ‘outside world’.  Sharing, reflecting and acting on your collective experiences of 2020 will create a greater sense of optimism and offset the impact of the anxieties and stresses that your people are grappling with.

 *Sam Knowles, one of New Zealand's most experienced and recognised Directors, and Chair of ON-Brand Partners.  In Part 1 of this video, he talks to the challenges organisations are facing.  In Part 2 above he comments on what organisations can do about it.

Rejuvenate™ is an emergent series of conversations that create positive momentum and a sense of renewed purpose. It sets you on a pathway to change for good.
Talk about your 2020 experiences, and those of others that matter, you find new meaning for the future.
Explore the changing world, so you can get a better view of how you can create new value for customers, colleagues and partners.
Align around the future and how we can adapt to meet the confidence to lead with optimism.
Commit to immediate actions that will rejuvenate your people and set the foundations for 2021 and beyond.
What Rejuvenate involves:
Rejuvenate model - insight into action
Three engaging conversations with your lead-team over a fortnight.
Virtual delivery using digital tools and techniques.
Assessing where you are now and how enabled the team is for the future.
Building the narrative you need to engage everyone around your future.

"The Rejuvenate sessions have proved to be very worthwhile and we genuinely do feel rejuvenated.  The sessions provide an opportunity to engage with the senior team around what is changing in our fast paced world and opens the door to new possibilities for THINK Hauora."

Chiquita Hansen

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Keen to rejuvenate your lead-team for 2021?

Rejuvenate has been co-designed, tried, tested and refined by working with a range of very different organisations (including ourselves!) all of which have been enriched by the experience and who have contributed to the current format.

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