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Business Connection Pulse Check

Our Business Connection Pulse Check provides organisations with a means to assess how aligned and engaged their people are with the strategic direction and priorities. This is critical for successful strategy implementation and sustained performance.

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How it works

Our business Connection Pulse Check is a diagnostic tool that can be used standalone or in tandem with survey data or other key metrics.  It can be deployed quickly across your organisation, or you may choose to target a specific business area. Information can be easily aggregated. It provides powerful insights and informs action to improve the level of ‘business connection’ and organisational performance. Sessions are undertaken face-to-face or online.

Who it is for

The Business Connection Pulse Check is a flexible, scalable and repeatable process that can be used at local team level or organisation-wide.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, innovation, speed-to-market, and customer service are all critical to success—and this requires alignment at every level of the enterprise

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