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TakeON! is our highly configurable, self-managed programme for improving business performance, that gets people working together on what matters most. TakeON! works on the proven premise that when people generate their own ideas, they are more likely to own and implement them.

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What it does

TakeON! provides a platform for leaders at all levels of your organisation to create meaningful dialogue around what really matters to their business at any time. A platform that is embedded in ‘business as usual’ (not bolted alongside), which allows you to implement your strategy, or quickly shift the focus of your organisation in times of need. And it progressively builds a culture that supports your business performance.
The TakeON! toolkit provides everything you’ll need to lead your own transformation, supported with as much or as little guidance from us as is necessary.

How it works

At the heart of TakeON! is the powerful leader-led TeamTalk process, that creates regular focussed conversations on particular themes that align with your strategic agenda. Each theme requires improvement ideas to be generated and implemented, so the results are immediate and measurable.
For easy implementation, TakeON! resources and frameworks are ready-to-go and can be woven into existing routines and practices. You own it, your people lead it, it’s your take on what matters to your business now. Simply select from over fifty core themes to build a programme to suit your business priorities e.g. productivity, change, service, innovation.

TakeON! is available in two streams:

Management Matters

Equip your people managers to build their core leadership skills and lead their teams to improved performance.

Business Matters

Involve all employees in conversations on how to improve the businessand benefit from a wealth of new ideas.

TakeON! delivers significantand tangible results by:

Who is it for?

Anyone in your organisation can benefit from using TakeON! Explore the wide range of TakeON! topics here, and see how you can build a programme to suit your business needs.

The biggest insight I have gained through this process is that if you want to change the culture of your company, you need to change the conversation across the organisation.


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