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What now? Putting purpose first - the leaders challenge

Wednesday, April 6, 2022

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What now? Putting purpose first - the leaders challenge

As we stare down the barrel of massive absenteeism and the resulting burnout potential of those at work due to Covid and the Omicron wave, you may be wondering:

  • What it takes to lead successfully in such unchartered territory.
  • What you can do to influence change and help navigate this challenge as effectively and compassionately as possible.
  • What strategies you can put in place to help limit burnout potential.
  • How to stay positive and focused so that you’re helping and not hindering the team.

Hear Paul and Brett’s shared perspectives on: 

00:00 - Introduction  

04:53 - Brett's introduction, his company and his new book  

26:27 - Do people get promoted to a level that they are incompetent and how do you deal with that

30:10 - Tips for keep the volunteers motivated (from David Peake model)

32:52 - COVID-19 challenges and learnings

37:51 - Supply chain issues and how OBP helped

53:34 - What would be your advice for young leaders?

56:41 - Giving back to family

58:28 - Book giveaway

About the speakers

Brett Ashley 

Brett is passionate about the power of personal purpose and how this translates into effective leadership. From cheeky South Auckland boy to leader of 20,000 people at Woolworths Supermarkets, Brett is a true example of personal success. His soon to be published book “The Key To Unlocking Your Potential” provides insights to his leadership philosophy and shares some of the immense wisdom he has developed for leading in work and life.


Paul Stewart

Paul is co-founder of ON-Brand Partners and co-author of the best-selling book ‘Branded Customer Service’, which informs many ON-Brand Partners concepts and solutions. Paul was the Chief Economist at ANZ Bank, has held C-Suite roles and consulted in organisational change, transformation and innovation throughout Europe, Asia and Australasia for over to 20 years. 


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