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C-Sense: Executive sensemaking

Our C-Sense process equips leaders of change with the tools and processes to analyse the culture and climate within their organisations. This enables leaders to make sense of how things are shifting and informs what actions to take next.

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How it works

C-Sense is based around a simple repeatable process that helps leaders of change to make sense of where people are at on the change journey. Implementing C-Sense helps to build consensus and commitment to ‘joined-up’ actions, communication and behaviours that will build momentum to drive positive change.
C-Sense can be used to:
While value is created by undertaking C-Sense as a ‘one-off’, our experience is that the value is magnified when the process is embedded as a part of the senior leadership routine. We suggest the cycle be repeated quarterly or at key points in your transformation.

The C-Sense process

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During the setup session we agree metrics and sources of qualitative feedback.

Between each sense-making session Leadership undertake agreed actions, conversations and behaviours.

These changes generate insight that informs new actions, conversations and behaviours allowing continual improvement and transformation.

Who it is for

C-Sense is designed for senior leadership groups or business leaders rather than project groups. The process generates meaningful and actionable insights stimulated by qualitative feedback (you can pair C-Sense with our Business Connection Pulse Check) and relevant metrics.

In today’s highly competitive business environment, innovation, speed-to-market, and customer service are all critical to success—and this requires alignment at every level of the enterprise

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